ABSOLUTELY MAGNIFICENT!! Your talent amazes me every day! They're so beautiful, and loving, yet specific at the same time. I love the fact that I can choose to write what I want on the inside because the poetry is so appropriate for any occasion. Even the boxes show how much time and effort you put into this dream. I’m so happy that the world will see the exceptional artist in you that I have always seen!

~ D. Young, IN


I absolutely love the first edition of your romantic cards. The messages were so meaningful and the artwork so creative. If a person doesn’t respond positively to this art, he/she must have a block in their emotional being. For me, they are priceless and much too valuable to give away. More to be read and viewed!

~ R. Johnson, IN


We loved the cards.  You did an absolutely great job with them!  I am both pleased and impressed.

~ J. Coates, RI


The Eternity Collection by TopKnot DediKations... Love it, will cherish it! It is such an honor to bear witness to your vision which has come to fruition... Congratulations! BTW, looks like I'll need a second boxed set that I will actually use because I consider this one as a collector’s item!

~ M. Graham, GA


Just opened the package.  So beautifully wrapped! The entire box and the special gift are a lovely keepsake.  You are awesome and truly blessed by God with a special gift.

~ A. Johnson, IN


You have always been an amazing artist and I’m so excited for your new line of handmade, personalized greeting cards!!  All words are written by YOU, as well as all artwork and design!!! Thank you! They are beautiful! Get used to seeing TopKnot DediKations all over the world!  We coming for you, Hallmark!!!

~ T. Rouse, IN


I have just received my extraordinary gift box of cards.  Hallmark designers could not have done any better. God has given you a unique gift, and the time has come to bless the world with it.  Each card is a delicate little masterpiece!

~ N. Bryant-Howard, KY


I have been buying greeting cards for the past 60 years or more and BY FAR your cards are the best I've seen or read!!! I hope they will be on the market soon!!!  Yours Truly,

~ D. Baldwin, OH 


I knew from the moment you told me about your exclusive card business that it was going to be nothing short of spectacular!!!  You did not disappoint! I LOVE all of YOUR artwork, as well as all of YOUR poetry! You are so talented! I'm so happy for you!  I'm so proud of you! I'm proud to know you! Thanks so much for a wonderful set of cards! The way they were presented to me made me feel loved!  My only disappointment is the fact you have waited so long to bless the world with your God given talent!!!

~ D. Williams, IN


It is beautiful!  And you are one talented lady!  Thank you so much!

~ L. Chandler, GA


They are beautiful!  You are so gifted. You are a designer, artist, and you can write poems. I love them!

~ P. Owens, IN


Trying to find unique gifts that represent my heritage in a special way is hard. TopKnot DediKations has created a line of gifts that are unique, beautiful and express the perfect message/artwork for different occasions. Thanks TopKnot DediKations for providing gifts with an extra special touch for a multicultural market.

~ N. Lawson, GA


Got my cards a couple days ago!  They are da bomb! You are so gifted!  Wifey is crazy about them!!!

~ D. White, OH


They are beautiful!! And l love them!!!

~ J. Knapp, IN


I'm LOVING THIS...It's about time!!!  You got the goods. You've always had it.  Now finally others can see what those of us who know have always known!

~ D. Johnson, TN


These are BEAUTIFUL!!  What an amazing gift you have - thanks for sharing it!! LOVE my cards!!

~ R. Finan, GA


They are beautiful and I can’t wait to get a man to share them with!  And I love how you took something personal (my favorite color) and included it in my package!

~ A. Phillips, IN


I’m still smiling!  Thank you so much. Each and every card is filled with love and beautiful energy.  As soon as I opened the box I could feel the Love. Please keep them coming!

~ Y. Billington, MI


Gorgeous!  Thank you! I love the story of the box.  You are a wonderfully talented woman!

~ E. Wodda, IN


They look beautiful!

~ K. Smock, IN


I received my package yesterday and I love it!!  The cards are soooooo beautiful and you are sooooo talented!!!  Thank you for everything!

~ L. Trowell, KY


Beautiful and elegant from the exquisitely designed cards to the packaging they came in.  I barely wanted to open it so as not to mess up the packaging. Lol! They're so beautiful, and as a collectors set, I might not give any out. It would have to be someone truly special to receive one of these from me.  Keep up the great work! Can't wait for the next set!

~ V.M., IN


The cards came right in time for my anniversary!  They’re awesome. Inspired me to rhyme too! LOL! She loved them.  I gave her the one with the two of hearts!

~ D. Thames, IN


In a market saturated with greeting cards these Dedikation cards clearly stand out and above the typical store brand.  These greeting cards provide much more than words. They ARE art, they ARE poetry and they ARE heritage. Cards reminiscent of the way black love looks in my culture. Can't wait for new editions.

~ S. Thompson, GA


The two of hearts is my favorite!

~ A. Robertson, TX


The set of cards I purchased are amazingly beautiful. I shared one with my wife and absolutely loved the art and the excerpt.

~ D. Jones, GA


I absolutely LOOOOVE my cards!

~ G. Francis, GA


These cards are so beautiful beyond words! Each one is beautifully designed and the quality is wayyyy better than anything I will ever find in a store. I almost don’t want to use them! You have always put yourself into your work and these cards show it! I am so happy to be able to have these works of art! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

~ R. Lopez, IN


Your artistic talent is phenomenal. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with me. I look forward to your future collections.  

~ S. Reid-Stroud, GA


The artistry and words will sing to your soul, much like... a quiet storm. Thanks for bringing that special joy into my day!!!!.

~ M. Johnson, TX


Just got my box out of the mailbox and opened it. To preserve the wrapping, I took out the staple and then sled the cards out. This is a beautiful treasure that I will selfishly keep for myself!...but I have shared your website. 

~ C. Cobb, GA


I was very impressed when I first heard about your line of cards, but now that I finally got my first box, I am even more fascinated. They are an absolute beautiful way of eliciting straight-forward to the heart, punches. The artwork is so gracefully crafted. One can see that so much time and talent has been put into the creation of these cards! They are better than any greeting card you find in a store. I love the fact that your poetry was inspired by music;, because what you have accomplished, is a way of connecting to people in the REAL world! Your poetry speaks volumes about a person's inner most thoughts and heart felt moments. What you do is speak to the soul through your art and poetry. I am really happy with this line, and will be back for more. They make for beautiful keepsakes....so that leaves me with the problem of making the decision as to whether or not I really want to give them away for Valentine's Day??????Hmmm! 💖😂🥰

~ A. Dorsey, GA


These uniquely crafted cards not only arrived much sooner than I had anticipated but they were so beautifully packaged that I almost didn't want to open them. Within the package, the cards are equally as beautiful. 

~ F. Camp, GA